Unruly behaviour, bad attendance at the cost of the Nation

The Indian National Congress had a controversial week. From the point when Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was dancing in Goa when CDS General Bipin Rawat, his wife Madhulika Rawat, and 12 others who lost their lives in the tragic crash in Tamil Nadu were being cremated, and the nation was in the period of mourning to Rahul Gandhi’s ill-informed comments on the Hindutva ideology. Currently, the 255th Winter Session of the parliament is in progress. On the first day i.e. 29th November, 12 MPs from the opposition were suspended from the session for their unruly behaviour recorded in the 254th Monsoon session in the month of August. The now suspended MPS had jostled a marshal and created a ruckus in the parliament. Upset over their suspension they hosted a protest. The centre is willing to revoke the suspension if they apologise to the people and to the parliament. However, the suspended MPS has refused to comply with the terms. This is behaviour is now very keenly supported by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. In his defence, they are just trying to bring the issues of the public, and he recently said: ‘Bills after bills are being passed in the parliament without any proper debate. This is not the way to run a democracy.’ Starting in December, the farm laws were repealed after a mass agitation and protest staged by the farmers which went on for a little over a year. The congress and the rest of the opposition were unhappy over no debate being held. Additionally, they have claimed that BJP is being opportunistic and repealing the law in lieu of the upcoming elections. Firstly, it is important to note that the details of the farm laws were not publicly discussed. The media had shown the farmers were agitated but no one answered why. Secondly, the movement’s tenure had crossed a year. There was enough time and room for a constructive debate in the public forum. The government gave ample opportunities, but the opposition was never ready for a healthy debate. The government of India introduced a bill, received backlash, and is willing to repeal it. Why waste parliamentary time on the issue when the entire opposition is against it in the first place? These leaders are elected by the people in the parliament. Their designation comes with certain responsibilities. It is indeed sad to see that they have taken it lightly and now are hungry for power. Staged protests, walkouts, disruptions bring out details much greater than the person’s character. They simply don’t care about the well-being and progress of the nation. To that extent, they refused to apologise for their unruly behaviour. The government is providing them time to discuss important issues such as inflation in petrol prices and the Omicron Virus scare, but the opposition is fleeing because they don’t have a counter argument and is busy discussing matters that are not under the jurisdiction of the house. For instance, bringing up Lakhimpur incident when it is under judicial probe.

In addition, these members of both the ruling party and oppositions have weak attendance in the parliamentary sessions barring a few exceptions. With our leaders in the current political landscape showing little to no interest in the well-being of the country, there must be a price to pay. Perhaps, cutting the salaries would be a good start?


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