Joe Rogan's Spotify Controversy

Joe Rogan

Spotify a multimillion-dollar audio streaming and media company saw themselves centered around a heated debate in the public eye over their controversial Joe Rogan Experience Podcast in the recent past. “The Joe Rogan Experience” is a podcast hosted by Joe Rogan, a UFC commenter and former television personality. The podcast over the course of the pandemic gained special attention for the quality of information being dispersed and was often flagged to be “a menace to the public health”.

Joe Rogan controversy is a year old. He signed a multi-million-dollar deal with Spotify in January 2020, to be the only official streaming platform for his podcast. According to several media reports it suggested that Spotify's employees had expressed their concerns over the podcast before the controversy though none of the papers goes on to express what specifically concerned them. In late December 2021, Rogan invited two individuals, Dr. Peter A. McCullough, a cardiologist, and Dr. Robert Malone a virologist in episodes #1747 and #1757 respectively. Dr. Peter A McCullough a practicing cardiologist had served as an editor and writer in various international medical journals, and currently serves as a president for a Medical Society in the States. He has 650 published research papers in the National Library of Medicine. In the episode, he sheds light on important issues such as ‘early treatment, mass psychosis, and drugs, and It's efficacious to fight the virus’. Dr. Robert Malone, MD has a background in Biochemistry and had 100 peer-reviewed publications. In his episode, he expresses his skepticism over vaccine policies, pharmaceuticals, and mass psychosis. Following their explosive interviews, a vast range of medical professionals across the United States wrote letters to Spotify’s CEO on misinformation being disseminated via their platform on COVID-19. Following this, Neil Young, a folk-rock legend, demanded Spotify remove his discography from the platform ‘They can have either Rogan or Young. Not both.’ He said in a tweet. Several musicians removed their content from the platform. Neil Young recently asked Spotify employees to “find a better place” than the company because of their CEO, Daniel Ek. In February, Rogan made a statement not agreeing to the “misinformation” tag being associated with his podcast however welcomed the decision by Spotify to put COVID-19 information from approved authorities on his podcast. In this controversy, what irks me is that Joe Rogan’s guests clearly have authentic and credible backgrounds. They have been at the forefront of academic research on the virus. How can someone with that credibility not be taken seriously? We live in a world where we are continuously being fed information, what makes us media literate is when we start asking the right questions. Terms like Mass psychosis, wherein individuals face unexplainable physical and mental disturbance haven’t been proved. But one cannot deny it does not exist. Over the course of the pandemic, we have been isolated in our homes, and mainstream media reporting rising cases and other information on the pandemic, for some individuals had increasingly become overwhelming. Science has just not been able to explain this. If certain entities feel Joe Rogan’s ideology is not in tandem with their beliefs and should be canceled, honestly, what’s the point in being in a free country? In case you have been reading the Joe Rogan controversy or have heard his podcasts let me know in the comment section down below what interests you?



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